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Libr - azad

Welcome to a free place to think, discuss, and learn.


Librazad is a concatenation of two words from French and Persian. In French, libre (shortened to libr) means "free;" likewise, in Persian azad means free.

This site is a place for the discussion of current events and issues without the bias imposed upon us by political parties. I will write and post short passages about issues in the Blog section and I welcome civilized debates that encourage free thinking. The things that I write are my own personal views of issues, and any relationship to the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, or any other political party is merely coincidental. If I support any other person or his or her opinions, I do not necessarily subscribe to all of his or her beliefs or that of any group he or she is affiliated with.

* Please be respectful of one another. Part of being an independent is respecting the differing views of your fellow independents.

By the way don't forget to check out our partner site Simplify Podcast. Another great source for fair independent views on modern issues. I myself have interviewed by the host Matthew Asuncion regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal of 2015, so check out that podcast and many more on Simplify Podcast.